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FPA Versus Miami-Dade NOA: Understanding the Difference

FPA Versus Miami-Dade NOA: Understanding the Difference

Florida Product Approvals and Miami-Dade Notices Of Acceptance Defined 

As a contractor, engineer, or architect in Florida, you may be familiar with the Miami-Dade NOAs of Acceptance (NOA) and Florida Product Approval (FPA). 

Both these approvals are important in ensuring that building products meet the necessary safety and performance standards in the state of Florida. However, there are differences between the two that you should understand.

What are Miami-Dade NOAs?

Miami-Dade NOAs are certifications given by the Miami-Dade County to products that have been tested and approved to withstand hurricanes and other extreme weather conditions.

They are considered some of the strictest building codes in the country and must be used in Dade and Broward counties for new construction, renovation, or repair projects.

What are Florida Product Approvals?

Florida Product Approvals (FPA) are statewide certifications for building products that are issued by the Florida Building Commission. The FPA program provides a uniform system for the evaluation of building products used in construction in Florida, ensuring they meet the state’s safety and performance standards.

Products requiring Florida Product Approval include:

  • Exterior Doors
  • Windows
  • Panel Walls
  • Roofing Products
  • Shutters
  • Skylights
  • Structural components
  • System for Impact Protection

Differences between Miami-Dade NOAs and FPAs

One significant difference between Miami-Dade NOAs and FPAs is their scope. Miami-Dade NOAs are designed primarily for use in the High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ), which comprises Broward and Dade Counties. 

That being said, Miami-Dade NOAs can be used anywhere in the state of Florida, as long as they are within the limits of the project requirements. In contrast, FPAs are for statewide use, but if they are going to be used in Dade or Broward Counties, they must have the additional HVHZ designation and be within the limits of the intended use.

Another difference between Miami-Dade NOAs and FPAs is the testing process. Miami-Dade NOAs require products to undergo testing at an approved testing facility located in Miami-Dade County, while FPAs allow testing to be performed by any approved testing facility.

Benefits of Using Florida Product Approvals

Obtaining an FPA has a much lower cost/fee structure than a Miami-Dade NOA. If your project is outside of Dade or Broward county and your project requirements do not need an NOA, choosing a Florida Product Approval will take a smaller bite out of your budget.

There are tools available to search FPA data independently, such as the Florida Product Approvals website. This website allows you to search for products by manufacturer, product name, and FPA number, making it easy to find the information you need for your project.

They also offer a huge knowledge base full of information that answers the most common questions about obtaining and using FPAs, this site is not affiliated with Florida-DBPR.

Searching For Both Has Never Been Easier

Miami-Dade NOAs and Florida Product Approvals are both important certifications for building products in Florida. To make your search more efficient as a way to plan and build, you now have better options!

Turn to for the quickest and easiest way to find what you are looking for. Their AI tools assist manufacturers, contractors, & the public in using these approvals in a whole new way.

Our sister site is about to revolutionize the way you search for NOAs. They have a great help page that will answer just about any question you may have about obtaining and using Miami-Dade NOAs. This independent 3rd party site is not affiliated with Miami-Dade Product Control

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